Our Company

Company Overview

Absolute Manufacturing founded in 1996 specializes in complex machining solutions in a production and non-production environment utilizing the latest in machine tool technologies and lean practices. Absolute Manufacturing is a high quality production and proto-type precision manufacturer with offerings that include electrical/mechanical assembly, kitting, VMI, Kan-ban replenishment, point of use delivery, and design for manufacture engineering.

Vision Statement

Absolute Manufacturing will be the customers first choice in providing innovative solutions
- Perfect Order Index
- Rapid Response
- Lead-time reduction

Absolute Manufacturing employees create the foundation of success
- Safety, lean and problem solving to develop our people and processes

Absolute Manufacturing will produce exceptional growth and value for our people, customers, suppliers, and shareholders through our lean culture
- Commitment to customer support.

Lean Manufacturing

Absolute Manufacturing is dedicated to the pursuit of operational excellence. Absolute Manufacturing employs a full-time Lean Manager dedicated to continuous improvement and eliminating waste. Implementation of lean concepts including 5S, kaizen events, value stream mapping, flow and linkage has resulted in significant improvements in facility utilization and lead time reductions. Absolute Manufacturing partners with our customers, striving to eliminate waste and generate cost savings.